• Why private lessons?

because they’re flexible, tailor-made, a fast way to learn with a good value to price ratio… more details under: ”About private lessons”

  • I”ve been improving and fine-tuning my teaching methods from lesson to lesson for years. I consider it most important to be able to teach any one person by way of logically built and easily understandable explanations. It is a common misconception that some kind of mythical ”sense of rhythm” or a special talent would be requirements for dancing, I say this from experience: nobody really has two left feet! I haven”t met anyone during more than fifteen years who I couldn”t teach how to dance easily! You”ll find some more information about my teaching methods under ”About Me”
  • Try them!

It”s time you started the dancing you”ve been planning for so long… One of the many advantages of private lessons is that you can easily try them. In the case of ordinary dance courses you”ll probably have to buy a ticket for the whole duration of the course – sometimes weeks or months, and then if you do not like it you”ve wasted a lot of money. Here, with private lessons, it couldn”t be simpler: you buy only one lesson first, and you can assess there whether this way suits you or not. After this it”s very easy to decide about the continuation.

  • Give dance lessons as gifts!

Surprise your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse – who might have been planning to learn to dance for a long time – with a couple of private lessons! Birthdays, name-days, anniversaries… doesn”t matter, they”ll be over the moon if you fulfil this dream of theirs!