The most common case is when one couple wants to learn how to dance:

private lesson in English (1 couple – 60 minutes) – 12000 Ft – as in 6000 Ft per head

Sometimes two or more couples (from a group of friends or family for instance) would like to learn together but still enjoy the benefits of private tutoring at the same time. In this case the more participants the less it costs per head.

private lesson in English (2 couples – 60 minutes) – 18000 Ft – as in 4500 Ft per head

private lesson in English (3 couples – 60 minutes) – 21000 Ftas in 3500Ft per head

Also quite popular is the case when someone wants to learn alone without a partner (of course this is most practical primarily for women being myself a male teacher) when there is no suitable dance partner around, or simply because someone would like to improve faster and in a more efficient way (since in this case you dance the whole lesson with the teacher himself…)

private lesson in English (1 single person – 60 minutes) – 12000 Ft

The lessons may also vary in length according to personal preference (especially for groups of two or more couples where 90 minutes might be a better fit). Of course the prices change proportionally to the desired length of the lesson.