About Private Lessons

More and more of us have started to realize that – similarly to mostly everything – learning to dance is in fact simpler and faster by way of private lessons. Here I’ve collected many advantages of private lessons.

“It would be great to learn to dance at last, but…”

  • you wouldn’t feel comfortable among a lot of people at a dance course?
  • cannot find a course at the right time?
  • you would like to improve faster than at the pace of an ordinary dance course?
  • you’re only interested in a couple of dances, you want to learn only those, but no such courses can be found anywhere?
  • you just have a schedule that makes it difficult to attend any class regularly, always at the same time?

The answer: private dance lessons!

The advantages of private dance lessons:

Tailor-made level and pace:

At group dance courses we obviously have to advance at the average tempo of the whole group. Sometimes you cannot practice enough – because, for instance, you do many other things apart from dancing – or occasionally you miss a couple of lessons due to other engagements, and in these cases you might find the group’s tempo a bit too fast while it’s simply so since they happen to have more time to spend on this. Or the reverse might be true: you might be better at dancing or simply more experienced than the average so you find the lessons a bit light or even boring, since you would be able to improve much faster.

In contrast, at a private lesson we can have the ideal pace for you. Additionally, every one of us might be talented in different little things while at a slight disadvantage at other segments of the discipline. At a group dance lesson everything that poses difficulty for any one person in the group must be told and explained . It might easily happen that a particular movement or technique being taught at the moment has already matured and become second nature for you (due to, for example, some other previous experience in dancing or from other sports that required precise coordination of your body), in these cases it might be a waste of time to practice something for hours that you have already mastered. If you are the only ones at the lesson we obviously do not have to spend time with unnecessary things, we can focus on the information that you really need and profit from.

Flexible timetable:

Most dance courses at ordinary dance studios take place once a week at the same time of the day (and same day of the week). Many of us have a schedule that simply does not permit to attend a class regularly at a given time (part time jobs with alternating half days; random scheduling, etc). I give my private lessons with the utmost flexibility: mornings, afternoons, evenings and even weekends. You can have lessons in a fixed time slot every week if that suits you the best, or we can find a different time each week that fits your schedule of that particular week. Apart from this sometimes you just get an unexpected task or programme so you would miss a lesson at your group course which you have already paid for. A private lesson on the other hand might be postponed much easier, we can find another time slot or another day that is still free. Should we not be able to find a free slot and so you do not have a lesson that week you still will not miss a lesson that you have already paid for.

Good value/price ratio

At first everyone would think that private lessons are more expensive than attending a group dance course, while this is not true. On the contrary! Apart from the fact that private lessons are tailor-made, they have the great advantage of learning to dance literally in the teacher’s hands. This basically means that you do not have to understand and ”copy” everything only via explanations while being ”lost” in a crowd, but you have the chance to grasp the correct way first hand, that is, dancing with the teacher himself, which obviously makes it much easier and faster. Therefore private lessons are indeed a great deal more effective. While you may have to pay more for a single private lesson than you would have to at a group course, it is misleading, since if you pay, let’s say, double while learning three or four times as fast, you”ll learn to dance for less (and faster at the same time).